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so I suck.

.. I've been focusing on this whole baby thing, and I haven't been a good LJer.  In the last two months, I've posted 40 some baby related posts over at my new blog, but not a single one here.   Sorry!

I have tomorrow off....if I find the energy, I will probably post then.  


25 things...

1. I have two beagles named Bustah and Sadie, and a cat named PITA (Pain In The Ass)
2. I secretly watch Real Housewives of Orange County and New York City
3. I have seen Justin Timberlake in concert recently.
4. I wish I could redo my wedding and make it better.
5. I am currently trying to have a baby!
6. My husband's name is Ashley and we tried to convince my mom that I was dating a girl for a while.
7. I don't eat meat on bones, so turkey at Thanksgiving is pretty much a no thank you.
8. I stay mad for about 5 minutes.
9. I have trouble being mean to people I know talk bad about me.
10. I have never been in a wedding for one my friends.
11. I have $6,000 in debt, I want it paid off this year.
12. I hold my breath when I pass someone because I'm afraid they'll smell bad.
13. My current favorite food is Top Ramen.
14. Most days, I don't get up and shower until well after 11am.
15. I am going to try and get into Nursing School this year.
16. I have really long toes.
17. I have three tattoos, a big butterfly on my stomach, a magnolia flower on my lower back that my brother chose before he went to Iraq, and "The Soul is a Person's Beauty" in Japanese on my shoulder.
18. I have a small dimple on my tailbone that is called a Pilionidal Dimple, although mine has never been a problem.
19. I have one full brother, three half brothers, and three step brothers, and a half sister.
20. I met my dad when I was 21.. and now he is an important part of my life.
21. I am 27, but most people think I am 20 because of how young I look.
22. I have a dislike for 80's movies. I have never seen Sixteen Candles or Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
23. I love playing Animal Crossing and Beautiful Katamari, and I play the Hard level on Guitar for Rockband.
24. I am starting to love Guinness Beer... too bad I can't drink alcohol much longer.
25. I rarely like pictures of myself.

Most of you have seen these facts during my 365 facts...which I have most definitely given up on.    I started a new blog on blogger to document my baby making (as most of you who read this don't really enjoy hearing about this particular topic).   Message me if you want the address.  

Tyla (my sister's girlfriend) tagged me to do this and thankfully I've already done this on Facebook so I merely had to cut and paste.   So it's my turn to tag....


No Free Money...

So I've filled out two fafsas (one for this year and one for next year).    Both claim that Ash and I are going to be able to afford to shell out 20-30 thousand dollars towards my education.   I know we look like we made alot, but damn, where is the section that lets us input our bills, mortgage, and student loans we are already paying for...


Ashley just called from Portland and (although slightly drunk) told me I meant the world to him!


365 Facts

Day 34

I don't drink water, I think it tends to taste weird.


January was tough.

Ashley's uncle passed away on January 19th, just before Ash was scheduled to leave for LA for a week.   He's toughing though it and the memorial is this Saturday, so he's had a little time to mourn on his own.  

We did our taxes, and the dreams we had of spending our return on hard wood floors was crushed when we discovered we had to pay this year! 

Macys changed my vacation payout, so we lose alot of vacation and sick time this year.  Plus we just found out that 7000 layoffs are happening.  My counter has done well in the last month, but my boss slipped and asked if my hours had been cut yet (she works directly for Shiseido, not Macys) and then backtracked when I said huh.    This is not the time for a loss of job or hours.

I did decide that  I want to give nursing a try.  Both Ash's and my mom are nurses, and they tell me over and over again this a great field to get into that stays recession proof.   Before I go head on into it though, I am going to take a phlebotomy course (drawing blood).   It's only 400 dollars, and it would be beneficial to know if it's something I truly want to do before I head for a two year degree.   Lighting isn't going to be my true passion, I did love what I was doing.....but it lost it's thrill after Lighting Universe.

365 Facts

Day 33

I constantly forget to take off my makeup at night... lately I've been so tired!


365 facts

Superbowl party readiness and getting the house "retail ready" (Josh's wording that I've forever stolen as my own) caused me to not have time to post.   But, I will make up for it below.

Day 31

I am considering a career change.

Day 32

I am not a morning person, I wait until the last minute to get ready to leave, because I'm too lazy to get going.

365 Facts

Day 31

My drinks of choice:

Coffee: 16oz Vanilla Mocha
Juice: Grape
Pop: Coke
Tea: Sweet Iced Tea
Wine: Riesling
Hard Alcohol: Disaronno


365 Facts

Day 30

I fully enjoy Top Ramen, even with the massive amounts of MSG.   I just take a benedryl before I eat some!